Welcome to my portfolio! Happy to have you here. My name is Rachel Johnson and I am a graphic designer and a painter. I have my BFA in Graphic Design and attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. 
I have been doing art since as long as I can remember. I started turning my passion into a career at the age of 16 by selling commissioned paintings, drawings, digital art, calligraphy, etc. Having the experience with working one-on-one with clients has benefited me greatly. I have learned how to communicate efficiently, ask questions (super important!), and manage my time. 
I pride myself in not limiting myself to one specific medium of art. There is an art to learning new art! I am notorious for picking up new ways to express myself (current obsession is crocheting...I can't stop!). I find that this keeps me open minded to new ways of expression and creativity. Keeps my brain wheels turning! 
I learned to love graphic design and digital art when I was a freshman in college. I knew pretty much nothing about anything, but gave it my all anyways! Isn't that how it always starts though? I quickly realized the challenges I was about to face during the first few weeks of my first year in the graphic design program at my school. I definitely experienced some serious Imposter Syndrome! However, that is where I learned that I am not going to be "great" at everything I do. I think that is the most valuable lesson I learned while in school. The Aries in me had to surrender a bit!
Design is in everything. I think that is the coolest part about being a designer. My hope with this page is that you learned something about me while viewing the work I am most proud of. 
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